Welcome to My Blog

I have contemplating about writing a blog for years now. However, I have been so busy that I’ve never exactly had the time to write about anything! Now that I’ve been exploring teenage lifestyle for a little over a year now, I believe I have enough knowledge to share what I know about sharing my teenage years with you! My goal on this blog is to share tips, ticks, and information about surviving the lengthy years as a teenager. My posts will include beauty tips, lifestyle tips, social tips, and tips about the various hobbies teens take up! Hopefully, as a teen, you will grow with me and not only learn from me, but allow me to become a better teen myself. I plan on posting at least three times a week to make sure my readers don’t get lost! After exploring teenage lifestyle, I have been through so many difficult situations that have significantly affected where I stand now. Hopefully, with my advice, you won’t have to go through the same troubles, but rather have fun before you begin your own life after high school!