Throughout my blog posts, I have chosen to remain unidentifiable as I share information to other teens. However, my ‘About’ page will share at least a few harmless facts about myself that you may want to have in mind as you (hopefully) take my advice as you grow up.

I have chosen to dedicate my blog to readers I can relate to by age group. Therefore, I am in my early teen years, as are most of my followers. As a blogger, you can classify or identify me is Vee, for Victoria. My full name is Victoria Altaria. I have been a dancer for as long as I can remember. Beside my writing and artistic passion, nearly my entire teenage lifetime has been  composed of dance practice and inspirations. I began taking simple dance lessons at my school when I was 9, but only recently have I begun taking this hobby more seriously. I would love to someday dance for celebrity music videos, or perform on Broadway, but due to my late start, this dream is not very likely to come true. I can only pray to God that one day he might give me the flexibility and perseverance to accomplish such a dream. If God doesn’t believe dancing is something I should fulfill beyond these rough teen years, I would hope to take up dermatology or become a dietitian.

As you can tell by my posts, I strongly enjoy beauty. Learning about skin care, makeup and hair tips, and fashion is a large part of my personality. However, I am not entirely dedicated to this passion. There is so much to my life beside my beauty. If I had oily hair and wore a plastic bag to school, I would still do my best to be happy. Nevertheless, I still enjoy lathering myself up before school.

In the future, I hope to be capable of sharing more about myself, but for the time being I will still prefer to keep a low profile.