Simple Things You Can do Everyday that Define Your Body

It’s finally Friday, and I must admit, it has been a great week for my blog! I figured I would top it off with a few tips pto define your body!

  1. Serve yourself first

Don’t just eat food without a plate, or an unplanned snack/meal. Lay all your food out on a plate for yourself so that you do not overeat…and perhaps eat healthier

2. Do 20 push ups after or Wwbefore lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

I don’t know about you, but doing just 20 push ups for me is pretty easy! If I do just 20 at least those three times a day, it’s pretty easy to gain a little extra muscle.

3. Remind Yourself how Awful Unhealthy food makes you feel.

Personally, when I eat unhealthy, I just feel disgusting, hideous, and bloated. Eating healthy just gives me an outstandingly fresh feeling. I consistently remind myself of the dreadful feeling I would have, and it’s a lot easier to resist unhealthy foods. 

4. Find an active hobby

When I dance, I don’t even notice that I’m tired because I enjoy it so much, therefore I’m using more energy!


5. Eat three larger meals, no snacks

Instead of eating several times a day, fill yourself up at breakfast, lunch, and dinner to balance your metabolism!

6. Eat softer foods and put a little lemon juice in your water

Adding this advice to your everyday life boosts metabolism.


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