Back to School Haul Pt 1

So, as all of you may know, school is coming close once again, and I have to say, summer sure did go by fast. I’m glad I was able to successfully progress my blog and improve my dance skills this break. This past week, I briefly went shopping for outfits to wear just before beginning high school. I may not have been as ecstatic and stressy about it as I have been in the past before school, but I still got a few tops and jeans. I’m not quite done shopping yet, so there will be a part 2 as well!



Wallflower Light ripped jeans $20

Image result for light ripped jeans

High-wasted dark blue jeans $20

Image result for high waisted dark blue jeans

LC lauren Conrad heart choker $8    On Sale

Image result for lauren conrad heart choker

LC Lauren Conrad heart necklace $8  On Sale

Image result for lauren conrad heart necklace


H & M


Button down jean skirt    $25

Image result for jean button down skirt

Pink Button down Skirt skater $20  On Sale

Image result for pink skirt button

Lyocell Top  $12  (the one I got was a darker blue)
Image result for lyocell top blue h and m

Light Pink shirt $10

Image result for light pink shirt with pocket women

Grey Cardigan $13

Image result for grey cardigan h and m

Blue and White Striped Sweater $5  On Sale

Image result for blue and white striped sweater h and m

Old Navy


Pink athletic tank $12

Related image

Grey Old Navy Active $8 On Sale

Image result for grey tank old navy

Black and White Striped Top $15

Image result for black and white striped top  tumblr



Jean Jacket $20

Image result for jean jacket target

Black and White Striped Off the Shoulder top Unknown Price

Image result for black and white off the shoulder top target














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