100 Things Chapter 3 (Continued)

Before reading Chapter 3 continued, make sure you read The beginning

Quickly, without showing me around her mansion, she raced up the stairs, carefully, however, for they were quite narrow. I followed, an unsubtle perplexed look drawn across my face. She guided me past the first two floors upon steep, exhausting stairs. I couldn’t get a glimpse at the other floors, although the entrance from the stairs was quite wide, she had me moving at a rather fast pace.

At the forth floor, she stopped, and a large open space of wooden tiles surrounded where I stood. Ballet barres surrounded the glass walls, and her old pointe shoes were decorated along the ceiling. Her room was rather empty, which, I assume, was to leave her room for dance. Other than the various dance equipment scattered around the floors, she only had a twin sized bed and a desk in the corner.

It was apparent that the classical music was being played from within her room, for it was awfully loud now.

We were both silent for only a momentary second, just before she eagerly ordered, ” I want to show you something.”

I followed her to the corner of her substantially large dance floor to her bed. She pulled  a thick scrapbook out from under her bed. The cover had a picture of her winning her solo competition in New York when she appeared to be possibly 12 or 13.

“Is this like a photo album or something?” I asked.

Sorry, again, I keep getting busy. I’ll write the rest soon!



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