100 Things: Chapter 3

First, make sure you read 100 Things and 100 Things (Chapter Two)


100 Things Chapter 3

“Do you wanna go somewhere with me?” she, stronger, and slightly uneased, asked.

Urged, I wanted to say yes, but I was concerned for Spencer, “What about your dad?”

She thought about my question, only momentarily, before replying, “I’m gonna die, who am I to be following orders now?” her eyes glowed, ambitiously, “Let’s go.”

She grabbed my arm firmly before I could reply, and quietly, with her graceful ballerina legs, pranced down the emergency room exit stairs, and outdoors through the crowded parking lot.

Her house was only half a mile from the emergency room, so it took us no longer than 10 minutes to arrive.

It was a large monstrosity. 4 feet tall bushes stacked along the wall, a gated, and guarded, with a fountain towering before the entryway to the front door. Large, modern windows stretched along the four floors above the first. Brick lined the corners, holding the glass together in a beautiful unity. Stone lined the river from the fountain along the perimeter of the entire home.

In the inside, classical ballet music echoed the halls of the large lit up kitchen/living room radiating with natural light from outdoors. Four hallways echoed down the right side of the house, and a spiraling case of wooden stairs draped from the ceiling.

Quickly, without showing me around her mansion, she raced up the stairs, carefully, however, for they were quite narrow. I followed, an unsubtle perplexed look drawn across my face…


I dont have time to write the rest today, but I’ll finish the rest of chapter 3 within the next few days!


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