100 Things (Chapter Two)

If you haven’t yet read 100 Things, my new story, please do! I’ve had lost of people asking for a chapter two within the last few hours, so here I am, already making chapter two!


100 Things

hey there

Chapter Two

My heart. Petrified. Damaged. Never again would I be capable of living the same way again. After she fell to ground, she had dramatically cracked her head open on the hard tile before breaking into a seizure before my own throbbing eyes. I held her head up and softly whispered, “It’s okay,” as her legs wandered in several directions uncontrollably.  The teacher and the other students came rushing to her assistance. Within half an hour, she was taken to the emergency room, and, as students, we were expected to act as though nothing had happened.

All the girls were in tears, more concerned about their own sanity after witnessing such an experience rather than taking concern for Spencer’s health. Everyone, even the girls, had claimed to practically be in love with her, but, only then could I see that each of them only had an admiration, or lust. Not one student bothered asking “Is she okay?” but rather, “Ugh! there’s still blood on the floor!”

I had cradled myself within my desk trying to hold back the tears that nearly began pouring down my face. My breaths were slow, and uneasy. Seeing her blood dripping down from my hands only made it harder to accept that she might be near…death. 

She was so strong, independent, and talented. What now? Would she still be going to Julliard? More, importantly, will she do anything after today? At that point, tears were pouring down each end of my face rapidly. I knew the others were staring, wanting to laugh at how I had destroying the little reputation I had, expressing my emotions before all of them. I didn’t care. There wasn’t much I could have done to stop myself from doing so.

Now, I was racing down the hallways of the hospital, only a few hours after school ended. I didn’t even stop to think about whether I was aloud to see her or not. I just had to make sure she was ok. Quickly, I glanced in each window trying to fix my eyes on her prepossessing face.

Reaching the end of the hall, I hadn’t seen her. I could hardly keep up with my steadfast heart thrashing. I closed my eyes and swallowed the sweat that had seeped into my dry mouth. Just then, I heard a soft cry only a few yards away. First hearing it, I could tell it was the same melody I heard within Spencer’s  voice in the classroom. My eyes wandered to the ground to find that the was crept up in the corner behind me, in tears. She was conscious now. Blood was still caked in her long thick hair, but the wound from her fall had already been stitched. Along her legs were exposed bruises from the dramatic damage caused during the seizure. Although her eyes were now puffy and wet, they still sparkled in the hospital lighting. My stomach leaped for both joy and shock. She was okay, and, once again, elegantly glowing before me.

A little nervous, I tried to overcome the overwhelming anxiety I felt. A few questions raced through my head. What the hell is she going to think of me visiting her? I hardly know her! I ignored those thoughts pretty efficiently as I gently took a seat beside her. I crossed my legs and placed my sweaty hand beside where hers laid. She noticed me then, and slowly looked up from where her head had been tucked between her knees.

Confused, she seemed. I didn’t blame her, for we really hadn’t spoken much before today. Yet, she forced a smile and in a weak, whispered voice she croaked, “Parker. Hey.”

“Hey,” I whispered, my voice shaking. It was harder than I thought to look at her and ignore the horrifying memories from before.

“Sorry you had to see that before. It was totally unexp-”

I stopped her, “Don’t apologize you didn’t do anything. Are you okay?”

She giggled, through her face didn’t look amused. Laughing appeared to be rather painful for her.

“You’re in love with me, aren’t you?”

I froze, “Uhh…” Honestly, I had never really thought about it. I was always to afraid to say love in fear that it wouldn’t end the way I expected. I knew I had strong, compassionate emotions for her, but Was it love?

She giggled again, softer this time, careful not to cause to much pain. “Sorry, I keep putting you on the spot like that, but you’ll have to admit it eventually.”

“Well…isn’t everyone in love with you?

She smiled, almost slightly disappointed in herself it seemed, “No. People whistle at me in the hallways, and grab my butt. Park, that’s not love.”

I chewed on the words she coughed in that moment. Her understanding, knowledge, and distinguished perspective. I could hardly bear being around her, recognizing her brilliance.

She had clearly noticed my shock at the listening of her words, so she interrupted my gaze, quickly, “Anyways, I-I-I’m f-f-in-e”

Her words wavered as a waterfall of tears erupted from her sparkling crystal eyes. She tried to complete her words, but tears began falling into her mouth, and her song turned into a subtle gurgle.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to speak. Just breathe.” I was quite conscious of how strange, and cliche my words sounded, but I hardly cared. Something was wrong was her. Within this moment, the only thing that mattered was her comfort, and happiness.

Only five minutes passed before, slowly she was capable of speaking again.

“God has different plans for me t-t-than I expected. It’s just hard to accept that. I thought I knew what was doing, but I’m ready to go see him.”

Spencer. A God loving, strong, passionate Christian. In her eyes, he was the only reason she was were she was today.  Jesus was her shield, and her…well…Savior. She was amazing, but I really wished she wouldn’t be living in a false reality with that…god of hers.

I was angry, recognizing that was accepting whatever horrible things her condition would bring to her future, “Are you serious? Your’e going to let some false god ruin your life! You’re going to let him take it away from you! N-n-no! Please, just this time, Spencer, don’t let him fix this for you! You are the only one who can make that decision for yourself! Do not let him choose your future! It’s yours.” I, too, was in tears now, but now I really didn’t care. I held her hand.

“I respect your perspective , Park, b-but I really d-d-don’t have a choice, ” her words fumbled upon more tears. We were both crying now holding hands, as I tried to comfort her, and hide the anger this god had brought me. “The doctors told me I have sarcoma. It’s a rare, incurable, form of cancer. I’m promised no more than a-a-year and a half before I pass. I’m not aloud to go to Julliard any longer. They assume it will b-be to much on my health. I’m too weak to do most things. They want to me to live the best life possible before I die, so they’re letting me go home once my dad flies in from his business trip. He should b-b-be here in less than an hour. I-I’m so sorry, Parker, but there really isn’t much I can do. My time ends-”

Again, she couldn’t finished. Her words were drowned in  tears. I was paralyzed in that moment. Again, heartbroken. My tears only came down faster now. I was blinded by the salt that had burned my eyes, and rusted my skin, but through my blindness, I could still sense her beauty. Tightly I wrapped my body around her frail body, and tucked her head below my neck. Her body moved up and down gently with her choked breaths. She had lost so much wait within only a few hours with her condition that she nearly felt like a small, crippled bird in my arms.

My tears fell into her and cleaned the blood from the top of her head again, “Yeah, I think I do love you.”


Is it still good? Please, let me know if it is, I’m still uneasy about continuing this story! Let me know: Contact  

Also, please note that Parker’s perspective on God does not reflect on my perspective on God, and I’m sorry I used God with a lower case g for the case of this story, but in general, God does definitely not deserve to be identified as the way Parker does. 



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