Easy Beauty Tips to Apply to Your Everyday Life

We all stress over the idea of being a certain kind of “beautiful”. But, we are all beautiful in our own way! Psalms 139:14 says, ” However, there are some tricks that do help us reach our healthiest, and freshest potential. This all in all, will help and remind us that we are beautiful. Especially when we take care of ourselves.

  1. Drink lots and lots of water

Water! It keeps our skin clear of acne and wrinkles, and it hydrates! It also gives us energy to work out! It has no calories! Water is perfect! If you drink lots and lots, you’ll surely see an improvement in your mental and physical shape. It quickly brings out a fresher, clear you! I drink about 12 cups a day, but if your’e not willing to take bathroom trips every minute as do I, you can minimize to no smaller than 6 cups a day.

2. Wear your sunscreen!

Everyone longs for the nice, Victoria’s Secret body tan, but unless your’e naturally born with it, don’t let the sun get to you! Sunscreen is so important! When the sun damages your skin, it doesn’t look as young, clean, or hydrated! Believe me, the sun will completely ruin your idea of a fresher you

3. At home spa

Once a week, I spend a little more time than usual on my beauty routine. This includes a bath, a face, leg, and hair mask, and other relaxing tricks. In the future, I will elaborate on how to have your own at home spa to hydrate and de stress yourself!

4. Eat healthy!

Eating healthy, for me, makes it so much easier to have better skin, hair, and shape! Not to mention, it helps my mental state so much! If you really think about what you’re eating, and the awful unprocessed things contained in things like ice-cream, it’s a lot easier to resist!

5. Count your calories

This actually helps. Especially if you eat 5 Fiber One (100 calorie chocolate bars) a day, like I used to, you need this kind of trick. Often times, we’re not aware how much we eat until we actually write it down. This way, we will be encouraged to eat healthier, so that we will feel fresher and happier. However make sure you eat at leas 2200 a day, for eating any less is bad for your health and energy.


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