100 Things


Chapter One


A girl. Breathlessly beautiful. Kind, smart, and innocent. Her skin elegantly glowed as she walked the hallways, and her baby blue eyes radiated with a curious, ambitious perfection. Her lips were lined perfectly waiting to be kissed. Yet, everyone knew she’d never been touched. She was guarded, protected. Nonetheless, it made her all the more arousing to her audience.

They followed her everywhere, as if she was their queen. Yet, she selflessly reminded each of her friends, or, rather, worshipers, that they were just as valuable as her. That’s just how Spencer was. Bountiful. Flawless.

From a young age, I, and every other helpless boy, had waited the opportunity to simply speak to her. They’d each stare with such astonished expressions that she would, with concern, assume were looks of fain. She herself hadn’t recognized how much she was adored.

She glanced at me as a brushed past her in the hallways. Smiled, slightly, before speaking softly, “I love your shoes, Park.”

She did this quite often. Comment on others’ attire to make them feel better about themselves. For me, however, it was a first.

“T-t-thanks. I like your umm…y-yo-your face.” The shudder in my expression was not subtle.

She giggled, “Thanks,” before she continued walking to our English class.

I sighed, my heart beating too fast for my own breath to handle. It had been the first time we had spoken since our brief friendship when we were twelve. Her mother had just passed away, and I did my best to comfort her, for both my parents had passed only 6 months in advance. She gladly welcomed my comfort before she decided to take a three year break from prestigious private school to focus on ballet, and get over her mother’s unfortune.

I was so eager to see her again, that when I discovered she was attending a performing arts school for high school, I joined the stage production group just to get a spot at the same school as her… not that I had any interest in doing it really. It was for her. As our senior year came to an end, I still hadn’t found the opportunity to speak to her again. Until now.

The sound of her voice calmed my excitement, as  I followed behind her to class. After this semester, she would be going to be an apprentice at American Ballet Theature.            I, however, had given up on ever getting to know her, and was planning on backpacking across the US before taking over my dad’s shoe company.

She sat in her regular front seat, and I sat in mine, just behind her. Immediately, she got to work,  taking notes off the board.

As time passed, I did my best to complete my notes efficiently, but I was still too excited form our momentary conversation in the hallway. So, I took joy in staring at her glossy dark brown hair as it gently swayed under to cool vent.

It softly moved as she turned around to speak, and my heart then froze. I tried to make it seem as though I had been doing the assignment the entire time.

“So, you really like my face, do you?” She sounded amused as she spoke. Her voice was melodic, yet tired from the previous exhausting hip hop class she had taken.

“Well…I mean…” I struggled to find the write words.

“Don’t worry. I won’t make you say it again. It must have taken some courage in the first place.”

The clock was nearing the bell for school to end at this point, “Maybe a little.”

Her cold hands reached across my desk onto my notebook. “Can I proof read your assignment.”

“Why?” I tried to avoid her recognizing that I actually hadn’t completed it.

” Read the board. It says switch papers with partners when completed.” Behind her smile, I could see she was quite unimpressed.

“Oh right.”

Then, there was an awkward silence in that moment as the air became still. Her breathing became softer, and her eyes looked suddenly horrified. Before I could ask what was wrong, her frail body dramatically fell to the ground. In the process, her hand dragged my notebook onto the floor, and nearly tipped my entire desk over. Blood quickly caked in her hair and swarmed around her delicate face.

My heart skipped a beat, and I hadn’t noticed how frightened I was, for it had happened so quickly. “Spencer!” I cried.


Do you like this story? Contact me if you’d like me to continue with a Chapter Two!


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  1. I want a chapter 2! Please😁😀☺😊😆😄 😉😇😃😁😌😋😛(I love smiley😉😂)🙆🙊🙉🙈👌✌✋👍👆☝👱 (tell me to stop)😛😜 (OK… I stop that😳)


    1. Im glad you like it! I’ll have a chapter two by the end of today! 😉

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