Vacationing in Southern California: Things to Do

I don’t live in California, but I live very close by, and a lot of my family is from there, so I visit a lot, so I know every special place worth visiting that I personally enjoyed myself!



Theme Parks 

From disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags, and Sea World, there are so many theme parks to take your family to!
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The Beach

Image result for huntington beach tumblr

There are so many public beaches with docks, safe water, and plenty of fun activities to explore!

San Diego Safari Park

Image result for san diego safari park jungle ropes

Let me assure you, the safari park is far different from the Zoo! There are safaris in which you can visit animals in ‘natural habitat’ with other animals, amazing jungle gyms, zip lines, and overnight tenting in a safe safari!

Hearst Castle

Image result for Hearst Castle tumblr

A vintage castle owned by hearst himself before he passed away! With all of his money, he built a castle/zoo that is large with fascinating architecture, and exciting rooms!

Laguna Beach

Image result for laguna beach

Beautiful, breathtaking, home city of Lauren Conrad herself! So much to see, and even more to explore! It’s surely the most breathtaking thing in California!


Image result for crab shack tumblr

Yes, the picture above is from Joe’s Crab Shack. However, there are several more unique, special crab shacks with the best crab worth eating by the beach. It’s a must!

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