My Favorite Summer Clothing Items

I went shopping for summer clothes yesterday at Target, and I have to admit, I loved their summer variety. I have included pieces below that I just adored, and I guarantee you can find them for reasonable prices at Target!


Black Button Shorts

Last fall, black button down skirts were a huge hit, and now, I’ve found a similar accessory- in short addition-the same love.

Image result for black button shorts tumblr

Off the Shoulder Top

These have been a trend for a while, but I found a few at Target that are definitely still worth loving

Image result for off the shoulder top target tumblr

Jean Jacket

So, its summer, and you have so many cute halter tops, but you’re attending an event in which it is not acceptable, so the jean jacket comes to save the day-and you can wear it year round!

Image result for jean jacket tumblr

Halter Top

Right now, I love halter tops in which the straps wrap around your neck! It’s so cute!

Image result for tumblr halter top

Designed Leggings

Related image

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