Accepting Your Body Type

In our teen years, one of the biggest concerns is our bodies. We have reached the stage in which each of our body types are unique…and for some of us, it’s hard to accept we don’t necessarily look like a Victoria’s Secret Model. Especially in the dancing world, body weight is stressed significantly. In order to grow successfully, we must learn to accept the way we appear and view it as a gift, and a unique characteristic rather than a burden. Besides, who says having curves is a bad thing, anyway?

  1. What fun would it be if we all looked the same?

Just as we have different eyes, hair, and skin color, we have different body types, and each characteristic of us is a unique trait that God gave us for a purpose

2. Reality check!
Those girls you see in Magazines, on runways and such are practically starving themselves! Noone’s body is absolutely perfect. Their bodies are , still, airbrushed and edited after the unrealistic amount of work they put into their appearance. 

3. There’s so much more to your life

If we spent our lives not eating, or eating less, working out consistently, and complaining about our appearance, when would we have time to create friendships and form a life worth living?

GOD gave you that body?

Why should you question the way God made you? He does not make mistakes, so, clearly, your body deserves more credit than you give it!


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