Summer Curls

Ok….It’s summer! New styles, trends, and temperature! I believe I’ve found the perfect hairstyle to go with all your new summer clothing (curls are displayed in the front picture)

  1. The right curling iron

2 inch? 1 inch? 1/2 inch? Who knows? For this tutorial, I think smaller curls will fit the season, so I would use a 1 inch to size them up perfectly. A wand (without the clamp) typically works best for waves rather than ringlets. 

2. What to do with your hair before?
It really depends on your hair personally. If you have really straight hair, use a curling product that should help your hair hold curls better, but make sure your hair dries with this product before curling so you don’t fry your hair! If you have non-frizzy hair that does hold curls, I would just let your hair dry, and begin curling! If you have frizzy hair, or natural messy curls, like me, blow dry your hair first to make it more manageable, and use an anti-frizz product. 

  3. How to use the curling iron. 

Make sure you curl away from your face so that the curls evenly flow neatly. (This means that you begin wrapping your hair around the wand so that the tip of your hair is facing behind you). Do not hold the curling iron for longer than 10  seconds, or you might fry your hair too much.

4. Don’t forget the back!
I’ve faced this problem myself many times where I leave the back of my hair a mess, and I end up making a fool of myself! Before you think you’re done, check the back of your hair with a mirror, and if it’s not curled back there too, carefully continue the process as you would with the front of your hair!

5. Hairspray

Only do this process if you really need to. Often times, hairspray makes your curls look stiff rather than sexy. If your curls really don’t hold however, you may need to do so, but be sure to do it only after the process is completed, or you may damage your hair doing it beforehand.


If my instructions do not give enough information, a video displays the same information from Alex Centomo.     You may use a straightener, but I prefer to use a wand in the same method only because it doesn’t fry your hair as much.




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