My Favorite Makeup Tips

I literally couldn’t think of anything else to write, and to be honest, I don’t know very much about makeup, so if my tips don’t work correctly, you’ll know why. Still, feel free to try them out!

  1. Use bronzer and highlighter on you nose subtly to shape your nose better...I love this tip because without bronzer my nose looks horribly fat. Notice how the woman on this webpage used the bronzer to shape her nose better!
  2.  Use your fingers to apply eye shadow. It’s so much easier to use your fingers rather trying to deal with a small brush. You such a better control of your fingers
  3. Mascara does A LOT. Mascara alone does so much for your eyes. When your eyes pop, it’s best not to apply much else as a teenager, at least, for it can look a little overdone. 
  4. The longer, the less. I’ve met several people who have incredibly long eyelashes, unlike myself, who, in addition, apply a lot of chunky mascara. If you have long lashes, I suggest investing in a thin coat, for too much is simply too much.
  5. Say no to exotic colors. By all means, express yourself! However, I recommend not applying blue eyeshadow or bright pink lipstick daily. It’s more of a special occasion thing. Where’s the fun in it if you do it everyday. If you’d prefer to have neon eyes daily, help yourself! I advise you save the fun for when you really want it!
  6. Don’t forget to take care of your skin. Please don’t rely on foundation to do the trick. What if you loose your foundation and temporarily can’t wear any (that’s happened to me several times?) and you’re face is covered in acne, you’ll have to show your acne to the world. Regardless of whether you wear foundation or not, the sun exposes all lumps and pimples, trust me! Also, who likes a full face of foundation at our age? Natural skin looks so much better. What about when you’re an adult and your husband sees you without makeup? I don’t know about you, but I want to look beautiful for my peers no matter the situation. Other events include: the pool, unexpectedly getting wet, forgetting to re-apply, forgetting to put on setting spray, etc)
  7. Don’t Bring your makeup to school. Day No. 1, I left my makeup in my locker and forgot to close it all the way. Guess what?! Someone stole it! Time No. 2, I dropped it by my locker and an  anonymous girl poured it along the school benches. Time No. 3, I left it in the bathroom, and someone stole it! Time No. 4, I left it in the bathroom again (along with $50) So, don’t bring your makeup to school, guys! I recommend buying cheap makeup if you’re going to loose it anyway. We’re teenagers, since when are we responsible?



Photo Creds to: Tumblr


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