The Most Valuable Things I learned in Middle School

Middle school is finally coming to an end for me, and I have to say, I’ve learned so much. Here are some of the most valuable things I’ve learned in the past three years. And, anyone have any advice for high school? haha.

1. Don’t be shy

When I first started middle school, I was very shy. I had hardly any friends, and, not to mention, it started a horrible reputation. If you’re outgoing, you’ll attract so many friends-whether its for a friendship…or something more! However, I ended up getting a little to outgoing to the extent that I would say whatever came to mind. I lost a lot of friends from that too. Be careful about what you say…but not too careful!

2. Do as much as you possibly can

In sixth grade, I was so focused on useless drama that I forgot to pursue hobbies and such. Right away, join clubs, or start a sport! You’ll have so much more fun, and you’ll make so many more friends!

4. Forget about Guys

I cannot tell you how much time I wasted trying to get a boyfriend. You’ll probably hear this a lot, but it’s totally true: guys are a waste of time. If you think about it too much…you won’t be successful. I made so many more friends when I focused on that rather than getting a boyfriend…teenage guys are gross. I went to Wet n Wild with my friends, and the guy I’ve had a thing for for a while now was watching porn…ugh! Guys are just not worthy of our time!

5. Rude is not cool

For a while, I thought I couldn’t be the nice girl I was in order to make friends. All in all, I had none as a result.

6. Rumors Suck

Try to avoid spreading rumors, please! If everyone does so, it won’t be an issue. I was living in my personal hell because of the awful rumors people were spreading.

7. You can’t do it alone

I lost my relationship with God for most of 7th and 8th grade. It’s so much harder to stay strong without the satisfaction of knowing God is there, and he loves you. Now that my relationship with him is stronger again, I’ve grown to be so much more positive!

8. Try to make plans for your future

If you know what you want to achieve, you won’t loose track and get lazy! It may not be what you actually become, but at least it keeps you focused and dedicated. It’s so much better than wasting your time!


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