Elaboration: Why does God put us Through so much Misery? and Why does God take Away Possessions that help us get Closer to Him?

I posted My Ten Questions for God a few days ago. I promised I would elaborate on each one, so here I am, elaborating on question Number 1 and 2 today: Why does God put us through so much misery? and Why does he take away our valued possessions that help us get closer to him?

Why does God put us through so much misery?

So, I went on the Knotts Berry Farm trip with my school, and not many of my friends were going. I went with the one friend of mine that was going, and she had a lot of other friends with that I didn’t know. This made me really uncomfortable, and I couldn’t sleep on the bus (it was 3:00 in the morning).  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I was really intimidated, and I felt inferior to them. God told me it was okay, and that I should get out of my comfort zone and still have fun with them, and as a result I had so much fun, and I ended up having a sit down dinner with a really nice guy from my school (don’t ask how this happened…and he bought my food for me!) Anyways, I was so thankful God had guided me so that I was capable of having a lot of fun. Then, everything went downhill. I lost all of my makeup, and the girls from the trip only posted photos that I happened to not be in. This really hurt me. I felt inferior again. I felt like I made new friends, and I felt like such a fool being outgoing around them if they were simply going to post stuff without me in it. Idk if this sounds very bad to you, but it really hurt. And, I lost my makeup and my phone. I was so afraid to even show up without it, and show myself around the really nice guy who bought me dinner. I just don’t understand what God was trying to prove! He told me to get out of my comfort zone, so I did! As a result, I was first getting closer to God! Why would he take that happiness away from me after telling me it was going to be okay?

I understand that in some cases it formed a stronger relationship with him- like when my dad nearly died from medical conditions. I was thankful God saved my dad, I ended up getting closer to him through all of the misery. I know the thing that just happened isn’t nearly as bad, but it still really hurt me. Why does he put us through pointless pain that doesn’t help us or benefit us? I just don’t understand. I can only hope that this event will make me stronger in the end. 

Why does God take away valued possessions that help us get closer to him?

So before I lost my makeup, I was getting so much closer to God, and then he put so much of this crap in my life, and I’ve been so distracted that I’ve forgotten about growing my relationship with God.  Also, my mom won’t let me go to church anymore! Why would God do this to me?!?! I don’t understand! That church was the source of the reason I was capable of growing a relationship with him! Why does the put struggles in my life that help me get closer to him?!?! Did I even deserve to be punished? I don’t understand why he puts pointless pain into us. Am I just missing the point?

Anyway, I elaborated on this two questions to describe what I mean and why I have these questions. What questions do you have? What’s your story? Feel free to share with me! Also, keep updated for an elaboration of the other 8 questions!




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  1. I appreciate you telling your story. I hope things start looking up for you! I do have two questions however. 1: I understand how you could perceive God giving, taking away, providing friends, being cruel to you, etc, but how do you know that he told you to exit your comfort zone? Second of all, why in the world would your mom not let you go to church!?! Mine forces me to go to church. Maybe we should switch. 😛

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    1. haha yeah i would love to switch! I see your point…maybe I misheard him…Im confused…are you an Athiest? As a Christian, I just know when God is speaking to me. Actually, after the pain and misery, and posting this, things got better, and apparently they didn’t hurt me on purpose. So, I guess God did have plans with that event. Also, she won’t let me go because a lady there told me God asked her to comfort me, so she did. She told me that she could tell I have family problems and that she was there for me if I needed her. She found out and she’s now really mad. I can go to church, just not the ones that I benefit from most.


      1. I’m glad things got better for you. And yes, I’m an atheist.

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  2. What exactly do atheists believe? I love learning about different religions!


    1. Thanks for asking! Actually, atheism isn’t a religion, it’s just when you don’t believe in any gods or deities. 🙂


      1. oh! haha i didn’t know that! Thats so cool!

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