My Ten Questions for God

Ugh! Christianity is so confusing! There are so many pages of the bible, and it’s nearly impossible to comprehend them all! Wow! I’ve had these questions on my mind for a while, and I’m hoping maybe you know? Or maybe you can relate? I hope together we can discover the answer to any of these questions. Please don’t see this as me dictating Christianity, but rather questioning things only to make my relationship with God stronger!

1. Why does God put us through so much misery?

2. Why does he take away our valued possessions that help us get closer to him?

3. Why does he care about us spreading the word of God?

4. Why is so complicated?

5. Why doesn’t he get rid of the devil?

6.  Are the other Gods real?

7. Are we loving a ‘Selfish God’?

8. Is profanity against religion?

9. Are Mormons going to heaven if they live up to their expectations the same way we do as Christians?

10. How do I know if I love him enough?

I will elaborate on my questions when I get the chance!


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