Finding my Place

Finding my Place


6th Grade

Past sunset, my eyes were still open.

Passing was the only thing I still had hope in.

Pre Algebra, how stressful!

My only hope was to be successful

Everyday to class I would mope in.


7th Grade

A new school, a new year.

Different people were filled with cheer.

Quietly I awaited a friend.

I thought it was going to be the end.

There had to be hope coming near.


8th Grade

Opening up out of my shell,

And it finally no longer felt like hell.

I finally had a friend by my side,

And grades that led me with pride.

What a great year, for it had gone so well!



I’ve changed so much in three years,

And I’ve finally overcome my fears.

So many friends I’ve made,

And memories that will never fade.

And uncomperhendable questions will clear.



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