Two Person Poem

If you don’t already know, I am a participant of a writing curricular at my school as a part of my English grade for students who excel in writing. I post each of my writing assignments as an excuse to post something when I don’t have time.

We were asked to write a two person poem about me now, and my perspective to how I’ve changed compared to my graduating self reflecting on that person.

01/26/21 opinion                                 Both   opinion                               01/26/17 opinion

We’ve changed so much
You used to be so gentle, kind, and ignorant.
I know a thing or two now.
You had but a care in the world. No makeup, and lounging in sweatpants.
I used to be so small,
so careless and stressless
The only thing that mattered
Was me and my imagination.
What have I become?
There are so many words to describe me now.
Some positive
Some negative
I wouldn’t change a thing.
I have so much left to learn and discover.
I know so much more now. I’m committed to a happy lifestyle, and there’s even more to learn.
I’ve seen and survived so much since then.
I wouldn’t go back and relive what I’ve seen.
The struggles of the past have made me stronger today.
I’ve changed for the better and I only hope to only improve.
I’m living up to my expectations.
I will live up to my full potential.

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