My Personal Testimony and Announcement

I’ve promised to start so many blog routines such as Dancing into a new week, and favorite-video Saturday, none of which I have successfully continued. However, this time, I am really excited to announce a new possibility. I want people to share their personal testimonies with me to inspire others to start their own relationship with Jesus. If you don’t know already, I am a Christian. If you’re not, that’s okay! You don’t have to share anything or read my testimonies. If you have a story to share about your relationship so far with God, I would love to hear about it and post it anonymously or sharing your name. (A testimony is a public recounting of religious conversation or experience.) 

Below, I’ve shared my own testimony to give an example. I would love to hear from you guys. Whether it involves exciting plot twists or a simple story, I’d love to know how you found Jesus…if you have.

My Testimony:

I was fortunate enough to be born and raised into a religious family that encouraged Christianity. However, we often skipped church for pointless reasons, or rather, excuses. I went to a religious private school all throughout elementary, so I always had a strong passion to grow a relationship with God. However, I was still young, so I never did much else than worship in chapel, for we had church services every Tuesday at school. I did not have a necessarily strong relationship with him, but it was enough to entitle myself Christian.

Once I left private school, I was horrified by the reality I was then forced to live. One slightly inappropriate word would make me extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, I had a hard time fitting in with the students at my new school. About half-way through the year, I finally recognized what I needed. I began taking at least an hour everyday after school to take some time to be with my Savior. The horrible things at my school were then hidden in the back of my mind, and I was ensured of all the wonderful things I had. No matter how difficult things got, I knew it was going to be okay. My entire world became a bright bubble of happiness. However, let me remind you this was in sixth grade, just before my teen anxiety kicked in. Ugh.

That summer I went to a summer camp in Cedar Crest that completely changed my life forever. (My friends from private school invited me. The camp was held by the church at the school I used to attend). I made such strong friendships, and I found myself in tears over how inspirational the pastors where (it was a religious camp). Everyone on that trip was changed for the better. We each went down the mountain as new people. From then, my relationship with God only got better. As each day progressed, he would always be in my mind, reminding me how great and okay everything was going to be. With his help, I was capable of getting over a devastating rejection from my ‘x’. It was so much easier to get over him, for I could hear God whispering It’s ok. There’s a reason.

Unfortunately, a new year came, and so did a new me. I suddenly got caught up in the idea of being popular. i was too focused on myself to dedicate any time to God. As a result,  I began styling my hair, being disrespectful to my peers, and just a horrible person overall. In my eyes, it made people like me more. However, it only made matters worse. By the end of seventh grade, I practically had no friends.

Another year of camp came along, and sure, it was inspirational, but there was something else there distracting me from dedicating my time to God..Anthony, I developed a relationship with this outstandingly beautiful boy in my group. I thought, he’s a camp, so he’s a Christian. What could a Christian do wrong? Turns out, he’s not Christian. He shamed my entire family and did some horrible things to me that I will never forget. This left me quiet traumatized… for I still had feelings for him…but I still couldn’t be with him.

Then, I attended my first Mexico mission trip (the November trip). Suddenly, God came to me again. Because it was a religious trip also held by the private school. Again, I made the poor decision of ignoring his company. One of my friends from private school came on the trip, and I hadn’t seen him in a while. Immediately, I started to grow feelings for him . However, I never told anyone, and, in fact, I was hardly capable of accepting it myself. When his friends came to me and told me he had a thing for me, I finally accepted the fact I liked him back. Did I really like him? Well, he sure wasn’t interested in me…any longer. A guy that asked me out the year before (I declined the offer) found out and imminently got involved. He managed to get the other boy’s number, and he was heartless enough to text him every single thing he hated about me. Caleb (the boy from Mexico) got uncomfortable and made the decision to let me go.

I was haunted, horrified, and depressed for months. I finally began to make friends at school, but I was never quite complete. I hadn’t taken Mexico as an opportunity to get closer to God, and , instead, I was furious with myself for destroying one of my favorite friendships. Now, I was too afraid to got back to camp or the mission trip in fear that he would be there again. He had been a religious boy that I could be with and grow with as we both got closer to God. I loved him being my friend, but I ruined it.

Mexico (Spring) finally came. I first declined the opportunity immediately, but God told me to  go. Regardless of the fact I was hardly close to God any longer, I listened. I crossed my fingers Caleb wouldn’t come back, and, fortunately, he didn’t. God has personally told he didn’t guide Caleb on the trip so that I would have the opportunity to spend time with him. God and I were finally closer again. (While we were worshiping, he came to me upon the mountain. A giant green, pink, and yellow light came before all of us in the sky. It was large..almost like the northern lights. I knew it was God assuring me he was there, and he had forgiven me for ignoring him in the past. To this today, I won’t forget the amazing miracle I saw in the sky). I had never felt more excited to have the cure to my unease–Jesus!

I’ve been going back to church at the school I used to go to because I know God is calling me there. Being at that church makes my relationship with him so strong. God had told me for years that I should go, but I was always too afraid because I knew Caleb and Anthony were going to be there. When I finally got the courage, I started going, and sure enough, Caleb was there. However, I wasn’t uncomfortable. I was quite at ease, regardless of the fact that Caleb was only inches away from me. I’ve finally overcome my worst nightmare, and I’m reforming the same relationships as before. I am so thankful God gave me the strength to overcome what was once horrifying me.


You can also see In the Eyes of an Adolescent: Chapter One to discover a time God was there for me. When my father was near death, I prayed very hard. I promised God I would please him more and dedicate my life to him more if he healed my father. Not only is he now healthier than before, but I am now stronger and closer to God too!


Sorry if this post isn’t well written! I really didn’t feel like trying today. Also, please, I would love to hear your testimony! Also, I will share more about my relationship with God in the future! Above is only a brief summary of recent miracles!


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