Imagine a girl. A wide, radiant smile stretched across her face. Her joy could comfort a single soul within a heartbeat. No one could imagine her any other way. Her positivity radiated to those around her and made her a unique, special individual. Suddenly, her dad has a seizure before her and her friends’ eyes, and she’s horrified, lost, and confused. Tears are pouring down her cheeks, and she’s are unsure of what’s going to happen next. He’s in the hospital for days, and her environment suddenly becomes a world of dark hues of black and grey. Everything is different for her now. She no longer has anyone to take her to school, and no one to help her with her homework. Her only source of comfort is herself, and, not to mention, her broad smile transformed into a traumatizing expression of both distress and fear. She tucks her head between her knees and cradles herself within her arms. For days tears cascade down her cheeks because she’s traumatized of what’s happened and what’s yet to come. The agony she felt was indescribable, for she had no one to support her through her pain. Now, would you be willing to  travel across the country and give up your original life just to help her?  Would you take her to school everyday, and help her continue a normal lifestyle?

I don’t want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can’t change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.” Charles de Lint, a Canadian writer wrote. Serving one another is truly the key to keeping our society strong. If we didn’t help one another, the world would be a bitter place with people who are helplessly falling with no support.  Most people do their best to serve others for self-content, religious purposes, applause, or perhaps, generosity. Merriam Webster defines service as the action of helping or doing work for someone.  In my eyes, however, service is much more than doing work for another person. Service should be within expressing sympathy or love to our neighbors. Being kind is more help alone.

How many people do you know that have come to you desperately drowning in their own sorrow? Do they feel lost, unwanted, misunderstood,  or heartbroken?

Sure, you feel bad for them, and you express pity, but did you really express support? How much were you willing to do to help them? When people are insecure, the one thing they might need is your support. Perhaps a hug, or at least, expressing that you care. In most matters, you can be what changes a person’s decision to continue their life or not.

So, let’s say that you made the decision to help the girl comforting herself in the corner. Everyday, you angrily got up early to get her to school. Impatiently, you continued this routine daily, and you eagerly awaited the day that you could finally go back home. You felt meaningless, and exhaustingly tired of your only temporary lifestlyle.You considered it a burden just to be there. You never smiled, or spoke to her unless you had to. You often wondered, Why am I even here? Service should not be a burden. Why are we so afraid to help people?Service should not be something we do out of pain, for we can’t truly change someone’s life without doing it with pleasure or joy. If someone was helping you with a rather disgusted expression and a horrified tone, would their support really make a difference to you? Unless you’re oblivious to articulation, I’d find  it, in fact, offensive. Service must be handled with comfort, will, and kindness. Could you walk around every day understanding that you made someone’s life a series of traumatizing moments because you weren’t there for them when they needed you? You could be the difference someone needs in their life. You just have to help.

In the end, I did find the comfort I needed. Yeah, you heard me right, I was that girl. My relatives gave up two months of their lives to support my family. I was, scared and frightened of what would happen to my dad next, but I wasn’t alone. Through it all, I had very important people in my life who came and supported me through everything. The darkness I was once surrounded by finally became light, and I was no longer traumatized by my own existence. Now, I understand the value of helping others, no matter the price. Although someone gave up their own life for mine, it helped me strive throughout the most frightening experience I’ve ever lived. Not only will we help others find their place, but we discover our own lives and our own happiness along the way.


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