I meant to post this on favorite video Saturday two days ago…sorry lol. I just love this dance. I’m actually trying to teach myself. As an anonymous person once said, art is determined different to everyone through writing, drawing, dancing, singing, and so much more. What do you get from the video? What is it telling you?…

My Favorite Makeup Tips

I literally couldn’t think of anything else to write, and to be honest, I don’t know very much about makeup, so if my tips don’t work correctly, you’ll know why. Still, feel free to try them out!

True Love

Saturday Video!   “To love a man is to support his passions; to be in love with a man is not only to back his passions, but also to admire them to the point that his hunger for them motivates you to be just as hungry for yours.To love a man is to share all…

The Most Valuable Things I learned in Middle School

Middle school is finally coming to an end for me, and I have to say, I’ve learned so much. Here are some of the most valuable things I’ve learned in the past three years. And, anyone have any advice for high school? haha.

My Goals for This Summer

Summer’s coming up! I have so many goals! Just an inspiration: So maybe you can make one of your own! Here are a few:

Wedding Inspiration Gallery (No 2)

I posted Wedding Inspiration Gallery earlier with my favorite wedding dresses, but now I’ll be displaying my favorite bridesmaid dresses!

Wedding Inspiration Gallery

I want to get married so bad. Every teenagers seems to want this haha. Here are my favorite dresses currently, and I’ll have bridesmaid dresses, hairstyles, and bouquets following soon after. Wedding Dresses            

My Ten Questions for God

Ugh! Christianity is so confusing! There are so many pages of the bible, and it’s nearly impossible to comprehend them all! Wow! I’ve had these questions on my mind for a while, and I’m hoping maybe you know? Or maybe you can relate? I hope together we can discover the answer to any of these…

Finding my Place

Finding my Place   6th Grade Past sunset, my eyes were still open. Passing was the only thing I still had hope in. Pre Algebra, how stressful! My only hope was to be successful Everyday to class I would mope in.   7th Grade A new school, a new year. Different people were filled with…