Workout Ideas for the TV Lover

I have to admit…I never actually feel like going outside to run or doing conditioning without entertainment. Every time I try doing so in front of the tv, I find myself too distracted by the intriguing plot that I forget what I’m there for: working out. I found this unique idea on Pinterest in which you do specific workouts according to what happens. If I didn’t make one for your favorite tv show below ( I only made one for a few of my favorites) , feel free to simply use them as an idea to make one of your own!

Vampire Diaries

  • Damon makes a sexual joke…20 jumping jacks
  • When Elena says, “Stefan”…10 squats
  • Caroline kisses someone…20 Russian twists
  • When someone is kidnapped…10 bird dogs
  • Stefan broods…20 bicycles
  • Someone dies…20 burpees

13 Reasons Why

  • Hannah cries or makes people pity her or gets hurt… 20 burpees
  • Jessica yells at someone…25 squat jumps
  • Clay gets emotionally unstable…40 crunches
  • Someone gets kissed… splits for 20 seconds (Of choice)
  • Someone is bullied…20 push ups
  • Someone drinks… 20 squat jumps

Pretty Little Liars

  • Ali mentioned…15 burpees
  • Spencer lies… 10 squat jumps
  • Theme song plays…run in place until it’s over
  • Mentions ‘A’… 15 push-ups
  • Get a text from ‘A’… 20 mountain climbers
  • Someone eats…20 calf raises
  • Someone calls another character… 20 more calf raises


  • When dean says, “Son of a b**ch”…30 knee highs
  • When you hear the word ‘hell’…10 squats
  • When dean eats pie…15 squat jumps
  • When they break the fourth wall…10 jumping jacks
  • When the holy water is used…30 second plank
  • When a demon shows its black eyes…12 calf raises
  • When Cas disappears…15 flutter kicks

Walking Dead

  • See walkers…10 crunches
  • Someone becomes a walker…1 minute plank
  • Someone cries…10 push-ups
  • See a weapon…10 wood chops
  • Hear ‘the living’ 10 reverse crunches

Gossip Girl

  • Serena says, “I have to go”…10 burpees
  • Someone is insulted…10 push-ups
  • Someone is sexually active…15 air squats
  • Jog in place during monologues
  • You see a phone on screen…20 mountain climbers
  • Dorota says “Ms. Blair”… 30 second wall sit
  • When anyone throws a punch…30 second plank
















13 Comments Add yours

  1. Cate says:

    That is a really interesting idea! And a great one as well


  2. All The Jazz says:

    Sorry, just had to mention this. You think Hannah in 13RW makes people pity her?


    1. Honestly, yes I think she does. I don’t really care for Hannah as a person. She’s self concieted and only looks for attention. The stuff she went through in her life isn’t nearly as bad as what most ppl go through. What are your thoughts on Hannah?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All The Jazz says:

        Oh. Well, VERY different from yours! First of all, I don’t think Hannah was overreacting at all. The one of the points of the show was to show other people that events that happen that may be considered ‘not as bad’ could be devastated bad for some. Most actually. I actually think everything Hannah went through was awful, and I really you don’t include her getting raped ‘not nearly as bad’. If she was attention seeking, surely she would stay alive and release the tapes so she could see the aftermath and gain attention. I doubt she’s noticing all the attention in the ground. She released the tapes to let the people that hurt her know how catastrophic what they did were, and how much they affected her, hopefully to prevent it all happening again. Also, perhaps a way of closure, that she’s finally letting everything out.
        Yes some people may go through rougher times, but there’s no need to shame Hannah for not managing, because nobody deserves to go though everything she did. Sorry, not intending to come across rude, but I strongly disagree with your opinion, but you do have a right to have one


      2. Wow! Thats actually a really good point! Do you mind if I use your opinion for an argument post based on 13 reasons why?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. All The Jazz says:

        Sure, why not! That is a good idea🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Cate says:

    Also, I just wanted to let you know if you didn’t already that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award:)


    1. Oh! Wow! Thank you!


    2. I read about it on your blog…but Im confused about what it is…

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I have to answer 11 questions from you and post them?

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Oh i think i get it now! What are your questions for me?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cate says:

        My questions are on my post:) but here they are anyway:
        When and why did you start blogging?What is your favorite thing to do when you first get home?If you could travel anywhere you wanted in the world, where would you go and why?What is one misconception people commonly have about you?If you had a time-travelling machine, what would you do with it?What is your favorite song to listen to when you’re feeling down?If you were stuck on an island with only one other person, who would you choose and why?What is your favorite food when you want to indulge?What would the perfect day be like for you?What values/quotes/mantras/ideas do you try to live by?What is something that you wish other people would know about you?
        I hope that you have fun answerinf the questions!


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