Top 5 Tips to Improve your Speed and Pace for Running

Whether you play soccer, basketball, or participate in track, speed and running ability is so important, so below, I’ve listed the best tips to improve your running skills efficiently!

1. Hit the Weights
Using weights can always improve your athletic abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. If the right exercises are practiced properly, lifting should develop strength and speed through increased lean muscle mass, fat reduction, and development of explosive soft tissue fibers without adding a significant amount of size.

2.  Drink Lots of Water

This is the perfect opportunity to stay stronger and build endurance so that you can run harder when you compete. Without water, you would tire out much too quickly to be able to successfully win. Fuel up before and during the game do keep yourself motivated.  Don’t forget to have a healthy meal along with it!

 3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Never stop practicing! Run, sprint, jog everyday, and you’ll live up to your full potential. As long as you work as hard as you possibly can, you can’t get any better, right?

  4. Get Enough Sleep!

Just like water, sleeping is pretty necessary. Without it, you’ll get exhausted and worn out before you get the opportunity to succeed. It’s pretty important that you don’t lose energy!

  5.  Stretch

Stretching is the easiest way to allow your legs to have more endurance and capability of going past your original limits.


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