Spring Break Haul, Information and Challenge

To begin with, don’t expect any posts this spring break, for I will be visiting a poor city on the coast of Mexico for a school and church sponsored mission trip. Unfortunately, I have no access to internet or any source of technology while I am there, nor will I have time to do so.

I can’t wait to go! I went in November, and I had so much fun at the beach, riding horses, giving food to the poor, fixing homes, visiting orphanages, and going shopping in Rosario. If you are visiting somewhere warm, cultural,or possibly coastal, I have a list of chic essentials!

This is everything I’m bringing to Mexico as a recommendation:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Shorts and Jeans
  3. One formal outfit
  4. Polaroid
  5. Flip Flops, Converse, and Vans
  6. A light  jacket
  7. Stress Relief Lotion
  8. Hair Bands
  9. Flannel
  10.  Bikini (1)
  11. Floral Romper
  12. Book
  13. Snacks For the Ride
  14. Pillow(pet)

These are a few things I recommend bringing, it  may be a fairly simple list, but who knows? Maybe you forgot one of these vital essentials!

Now, for the challenge: Whether you’re traveling or not, I challenge you to make a difference with your provided surroundings. God has called me to help out in Mexico, and I think you guys should discover what is calling for you to do in recognition of his love this Easter season! Whether it’s supporting your family,  picking up trash, or perhaps something more extreme like a mission trip, you should definitely consider making a difference! What’s life without leaving your mark and making a difference!





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