My Attempt With Poetry

For a school project, I had to write 6 poems with assigned topics. I thought I might as well share them with you guys! They’re sort of pointless, but at least I tried, right? They also sort of give a perspective of my own life as a teenager. If you enjoy them, notify me whether you’d like me to display the illustrations I designed for each poem.


Down the street from the place where I grew up

I sat on the glossy wooden floor

My legs shielded in a delicate pink cloth

As my legs stretched into my best impression of the splits.

The glossy mirror reflected my unproportioned position.

I was six.

The Instructor’s voice echoing from afar

I ignored the obnoxious behestions

As I stared at my peculiarly velvet strapped shoes.

The discomposure surrounding me was a blurr

I was six.

The other girls held their positions  in accordance

But my feet decided to move at their own pace

The music echoed a soft melody

But I danced to the loud beat tapping in my head.

I was six

My once firm bun atop my head

Came loose into a wad of knotted hair

Once my ears heard the first melody of the music

I knew I was where I belonged.

I was only six.

“Velvet Bow”

I shook back in forth in the dustless air.

Pink threads dangled from the tip of my soft, tied,silk ribbon.

The little girl’s head danced back and forth

to the graceful music echoing upon the stage.

Flowers were thrown in her direction once she was done.

Unforgettable, delighted expressions congratulated her on our first performance.

Now, nine years later, I rested in a dark, vacant room.

Hideous, vintage clips surrounded me.

My velvet perfections were covered in dead, unhealthy old hair.

Memories of our remarkable performance years ago echoed in my head.

Only to remind myself of the forgotten, careless, place I had been exiled to stay imprisoned in.

I could only wonder how my adolescent dancer

could have possibly lost the most significant accessory to her performance.

My heart’s on a Disney Cruise”

My heart’s on a Disney Cruise, my heart is not here.

My heart’s on a Disney Cruise, relaxing in the water.

Relaxing in the water and snorkeling by the shore forever ago.

My heart’s on a disney cruise, wherever I go!

Farewell to the DIsney Cruise, farewell to Mickey,

and to the happiest place on earth, a ship of everything DIsney!
Wherever I swim, I know I won’t find any snow.

My heart’s on a DIsney Cruise, wherever I go!

Farewell to the restaurants of unlimited food.

Farewell to the cruise of all positive moods.

Farewell to the island of joyful fish.

Farewell to the highland of one granted wish.

My heart’s on a DIsney Cruise, my heart is not here.

My heart’s on a Disney Cruise, relaxing in the water.

Relaxing in the water and snorkeling by the shore forever ago.

My heart’s on a Disney Cruise, wherever I go!


“‘I’m a butterfly!”

I’m an egg

I’m an egg resting within the forest.

My siblings surround me preparing to awake our imprisoning habitat

but I waited rather relaxed

By sunset, the birds would signal my call with a brief rat-a-tat-tat.

b)  I’m a Caterpillar

I’m a caterpillar cowering beneath the trees.

I feast on my leafy surroundings

so I can one day grow to be something much more

High above the sky I’ll be resounding.

c)  I’m a Pupa

I’m a pupa quite lonely

but excited

Soon I would be an elegant butterfly

The day I awakened would I be delighted!

d)  I”m a Butterfly

I’m a butterfly, my wings an array of colors.

I can soar above the clouds

or rest beneath the grass.

I must say I’m quite proud.

“Great White Shark”

His fins fiercely swept back and forth in the steady ocean.

The other fish cowered in the corner in a frantic commotion

HIs jaw clenched and his eyes glowed in a hungry notion.

His peculiar, rare meal thoughtlessly swam at  the surface above.

He dashed in the divers direction without a hint of love.

A cry echoed throughout the sea once his jaws tightened on her chest thereof.


“Spring Snow”

When the scorching sun got hotter

The snow began sweating just before temporary extinction.

The flowers, instead, visited their long lost friend, the sun, that morning

giving their neighbor an unimpressed look.

Only the snow couldn’t do much else than slowly die.

from the flowers domination.

Drip, drip, drip

Slowly, the snow’s heart melted off the roof of the house.


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