DTS Haul


At Sephora: 

What I got:

Bare Minerals Powder (New with only five natural ingredients)

This outstanding new collection at Sephora is like magic! With just a little powder, you can cover your entire face. The concept is: The more you blend with your brush, the more coverage you’ll get! Therefore, you don’t have to dab the brush into the product more than once! $43.00

Additional: Brush. $40.00

Kat Von Du Settling Spray $14.00

Ok. Tbh, I didn’t actually get anything else. The foundation and brush alone were a lot. So, below, I’ll post additional stuff that I wanted to get. 


At Teavana:

Spice Chai (Warm)

Who doesn’t love trying every single sample at teavana? If you know me, you know I love tea. In fact, I own this one already, and I just simply sampled it again the other day. It’s more of a winter taste, but it’s still outstanding in any season.  

I guess that’s all!









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