My Daily Makeup Products

As I’ve gotten older, a world of chic makeup products has opened up to me! The products listed below are some of my absolute favorites at fairly decent prices. Can you guess what my favorite brand is?

  1. Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation  $23.00

Image result for acne solutions clinique

Rather than getting acne from lathering my face in makeup, I use acne solutions so that I can not only reduce acne, but clear up what was originally there. Also, it is a perfectly light, subtle product for people my age so that they don’t appear to be wearing too much, but it still covers up breakouts and red spots.

2. Loreal Waterproof Mascara    $7.99

Image result for L'oreal Waterproof mascara

Not only is it waterproof, but it still makes your eyelashes thick and full without clumping at the tips!

3. Clinique long last Glosswear      $16.5o

Image result for clinique lip gloss

It’s subtle, chic, and shiny! I love wearing this to school as a casual accessory to go along with the rest of my set up. It adds a perfectly outstanding detail to my makeup look.

4. Signature Mary Kay Concealer    $16.00

Image result for signature concealer Mary kay

Sorry I couldn’t find a better quality picture! Anyway, with a little foundation added, this product works perfectly to cover up blemishes and red spots.

5. Clinique Peach Pop Blush    $23.00

Image result for Clinique light blush

This blush is subtle, and gives my face a natural, flirtatious, effortless look!

6. Elf Eye shadow Neutral Eye    $4.99

Image result for Elf eyeshadow collection

I love the colors provided in this palate! They go perfectly with my skin tone, and they provide more texture to my dull skin.

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

Victoria Altaria


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teen life says:

    I’m not really a makeup kinda girl but I loved your article 😊


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