Preparing for Tryouts

Whether you play soccer, basketball, cheer, football, lacrosse, tennis, or dance, most schools require tryouts! Especially around this time of year, we all get caught up in these situations and whether or not you’ll make it. They may seem like stereotypical tricks, but they can really be the difference between whether you or another person gets the part.

For Performers (Dance, Cheer, etc.):

Whether you’re an actor, dancer, or speech enthusiast, there are so many things you must remember to successfully impress your judges. 

1. Smile!

Whether you remember your words/dance you have to smile. When I first tried out for dance, I put the largest, most obnoxious smile on my face. I messed up the dance completely, but the judges were impressed by my enthusiasm. If you’re nervous, you better not express it! From the moment you walk into the room, express how important it is to you that you make the team. Then, even if you need some improving, they’ll know you’re willing to work hard to learn everything you need to work on. 

2. Wear Bright Colors

Unless you have required clothing to wear, wear the brightest thing you own. That way, you’ll stand out from the others. The judges will remember your audition by how you present yourself. That could be the difference between you and another performer. You must express that you’re not afraid to stand out. 

3. Look Your Best!

Wear makeup, do your hair, paint your nails school colors, etc! There’s so much you can do! It’s another easy way to let the judges remember you! A beautiful smile and voluminous hair will grab the judges attention. Every instructor wants their dancers to look outstanding on stage, right?

4. Find an empty space to practice

To prepare for tryouts, I found an empty, quiet street beside my home where I had space to practice my leaps without being disrupted. This helped me a lot. My technique improved so much after repetitively straying my home to practice. Listening to music while you do so helps relax your muscles as you dance. 

For Athletes (soccer, volleyball, softball, swimming, etc):

Now, I may not know much about this genre of tryouts, for I’ve never been on an actual team for a sport involving a ball of some sort, but I do love playing sports just for fun, and several of my friends are on A-club teams. So, I’ve gotten their opinions to help me put together some of the advice below. 

1) Literally Push 

Even if you think you may be sick, or pass out, you have to keep going. Don’t give yourself a heat stroke, but unless you have to stop, don’t. It’s not worth the ‘small break’ to rest. You have to show the coach you are truly dedicated and willing to work very hard. 

2) Do everything you can to avoid getting too hot 

Bring water, wear a hat, put on sunscreen, and eat healthy foods with plenty of vitamins. Whatever you do, you do not want to get worn out by the scorching sun. Do not let it tire you or make you pass out. This makes it harder for you to give it your all. 


For Anyone: 

Overall, you must prepare yourself by practicing, taking lessons if possible, listening to everything the coaches/instructor says, dressing your best, and looking presentable! Make sure, no matter what, that you have to make sure you present yourself as dedicated, a good teammate, and outgoing. If you’re not quite as talented or experienced as the others, you could still express yourself as willing to catch up quickly.



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