Why Haven’t Been and Won’t be Posting for a While

Lately, I’ve had a lot going on! I though I might share some of my…situations with my readers for advice…or so that others might recognize that they’re not alone! What have you been going through lately? Sometimes it’s healthy to recognize our struggles…and go to people for help. Also, this is just a warning to inform you guys that I won’t be posting anything over the next three weeks. Sorry!

1. High School Dance Tryouts

I have worked so hard to improve my dance skills this year. In two weeks, I have dance tryouts, and it means more than anything to me that I make the team. So, I’ll be dedicated every second of my free time preparing.

2. God Comes First

Lately, I haven’t been as religious as I have hoped. I feel so horrible about it, and I hope to be leaving time at least once a day to try to get closer to God. My life has been pretty rough without him in it. I need his strength to overcome things like dance tryouts!

3. I Met This Guy…

Yeah so I’ve got some weird relationship with a guy write now. I don’t really know what’s been happening between us…and it’s been distracting me quite a bit

4. School

On top of the additional dance classes I now am taking to prepare, I have to find time to complete my assigned homework in my accelerated classes and extra curriculars. Since quarter three is coming to and end, I have so much work to complete! I want to keep up my all A’s for almost 3 and a half years.

5. Family 

One of my immediate family members has been going through some health issues, so my other family members have come to live with us to help us out. I need to take some time to be there for my family and help out when needed.

6. I’m moving 

There’s not much more to it! I’m moving to a different home! This takes quite a bit of work and preparation. 

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

Victoria Altaria



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