In the Eyes of an Adolescent: Chapter One

If you read my previous post, In the Eyes of an Adolescent, I announced a series I would be writing to include more tips, tricks, and situations you can relate to in In the Eyes of an Adolescent. Feel free to ask for various topics to include as advice in each chapter by accessing me at Contact.

Chapter One: A New Scheme of Colors

As I gently blew the blistering spark from where it burned, the room grew dark. Expressionless faces surrounding me didn’t even slightly open their mouths after they sang the last melodic words to the birthday chorus. Immediately, my eyes could only see a blur of colors. A combination of nausea and exhilaration caused my body to feel new, unfamiliar emotions. My stomach tightened, and the bones in my chest stung as though they were breaking. The lights along the perimeter of the walls in the house flickered, and the subtle drum beat faded. I felt uneasy, and confused. I tightened my fists in an effort to keep inside the emotions I couldn’t understand myself.

Olivia blankly stared into my demented eyes, “Blaire, what’s wrong?”

I looked up. The tensity within my grip loosened, and the imprisoning feeling within my chest faded. “Oh…n-nothing. Just-another year, another age!” I sheepishly grinned.

A few girls within the crowd giggled quietly.

“What did you wish for?” Katherine questioned.

Suddenly, I remembered the agonizing feeling within my chest when I blew out the ferocious candle. I hadn’t actually wished for anything. I mean, what would I have wished for? I have everything.

That night, my friends  quietly slept in the living room together. Florescent Aurora lights were strung along the wall, and The Hunger Games was quietly playing upon the TV. I, however, l rested quietly awake, reflecting over  the unfamiliar feelings I had experienced. Still, a strange, uncomfortable feeling throbbed at the bottom of the chest. My entire mindset felt completely different, and the environment around me  was an array of darker, more dull colors. The voices on the television sounded alarmingly sharper, and more frightening than usual.

For some reason, I was afraid, and uncomfortable around my friends. Standing so close to them made my skin sticky, and hot. I could feel the sweat seeping down the sides of my cheeks from anxiety. Carefully, my eyes began to close as the clock slowly crept to 3:30. I could hear the screams from the Mockingjay’s mouth gradually transform into uneasy mumbles as I finally dozed off to sleep.

. . . .

Two hours later, I could hear the faint sound of crying erupting from the other room. Immediately, The lights turned on across the hall, and my my sister came dashing out of her room in tears.

I perked my head up slightly from where I rested on the couch. Everything surrounding me was a blur of colors, and I could hardly comprehend what was before me.

“W-w-what’s wrong?” I mumbled.

She did her best to wipe the tears from her eyes. “I– d-” Only various mumbles came out in response. She began erratically coughing and sniffling, so it was nearly impossible to understand what she was saying.

“Blair, what is it?” I mumbled in a slightly louder tone.

“S-s-something’s wrong with-” she coughed louder this time.

 I didn’t need to know anymore. I had no idea what was wrong, but her floods of tears were enough to know something terrible was going on.

I ran into the room where the lights were blistering from my parents room. My eyes were horrified to find my dad struggling to breathe upon his bed. His arms were uncontrollably flailing around him, and he made uncomfortable moaning noises. My mom was on the phone beside him, crying even louder than my sister.

Before I could collect any more details, I escaped into the other room and began erratically weeping. Katherine, Maddie, and Tristan woke up at the sound of my horrific cry.

“Spencer?” Katherine saw my brown hair peeking up from under the covers.

“What’s wrong?” Tristan mumbled in a tired, slightly careless response.

I didn’t respond. As each of the twelve girls woke up, Lauren came running to my assistance. She held me tightly and rested my head upon her shoulder.

“It’s going to be alright, Spencer.”

By then, everyone had caught on to the fact that my dad was in great danger. My mother had tried to get me to help her call each girl’s parents, but I was too afraid to escape the blanket’s shielding presence.

After twenty minutes, a loud, terrifying siren got louder as it reached the door. Blue and red lights glowed through the clear windows at the front of the house.

Carefully, I peeked from under the covers. Two strong, fearless men came rushing through the doorway. They called, “Move!” angrily to Blair when she opened the door. Their frightening, angry voices alarmed me, and scarred my heart.I hid back under the covers once I watched them bring the stretcher through the doorway.

From under the covers, I could hear various voices crying,

“Where is he?”

“Sir, you’ve just had a seizure!”

“No, we have to go now!”

“Sir, you’re falling off the stretcher.”

I didn’t once look up from the cover until I heard the door shut around ten minutes later. By then, the tears erupting from my cheeks were slightly less consistent. I sat huddled up beside Lauren for hours as the girls gradually left once their parents came.  I didn’t say goodbye to any of the girls, for I was too horrified by the terrifying experience I had witnessed. It was nearly impossible to get the terrifying image out of my mind.



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