Fresh February: How to Manage Curly/wavy Hair without heat

If you’re like me, and it nearly impossible to do anything with your frizzy, knotted hair without heat, you know how difficult it is to survive Fresh February. Below, I’ve made a list of 5 easy things you can do to your hair so that you don’t have to consistently put heat in it. See more information about Fresh February at the following posts: Fresh February: The Textured Double BraidFresh February: Personal Diet ListFresh February-28 days of Heatless Hairstyles, and Fresh Febraury: The Fishtail Braid.

  1. Tie your hair into a tight ponytail or braid.

I know that tight pony tails aren’t the best thing for your hair, but it’s certainly better than heat. When I don’t want to blow dry my hair to maintain frizz, I tie it into a tight ponytail or braid after my shower. Keep in mind, I recommend taking showers at night so that your hair has time to dry and reduce frizz. Having my hair in a tight ponytail reduced frizz, and it flattens out the curls a little too! However, do not sleep with tight wet pony tails. This only increases how messy your hair gets. Always take a shower with enough time after to let it dry completely. After it is completely dry, keep it in the ponytail when you go to bed still (just not wet). Then, when you wake up in the morning, it will be easier to do an up-do with your hair in the morning. 

2. Use anti-frizz products

Every once and a while, it’s better to just invest in products. After my hair dries each night, I use Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek, and it works surprisingly well to flatten curls and reduce frizz. If you’re looking for something convenient in your home, you can simply use olive oil, coconut oil, or lotion. However, I do not recommend scented lotions from places such as Bath and Body Works, for the fregrences within their lotions can be quite bad for your hair’s health. If you use any of these products, be careful not to use to much, for it can cause your hair to get too oily!


3. Buns

These easy, effortless up-dos require almost no work! Instead of trying to make your hair flatter for an up-do, buns actually look better on full, slightly frizzy hair! Not to mention, they look amazing!

4. Use curling cream

Instead of flattening your curls out, why not simply make them look more full, and wanderlust instead? If you’re curls tend to be messy and tangled, applying curling cream to your hair makes them look neater, and more presentable. 

5. Blow Dry 

In my opinion, blow drying does not necessarily count as heat. If you use heat-protector and use cool air, blow dryers do almost no damage. It may cause a little frizz, but overall, blow drying your hair can make your hair nearly perfectly straight if you do it correctly. In the future, I’ll try to post something about mastering the perfect blowout, but right now, I’m not very good at it myself! 

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

-Victoria Altaria


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