Celebrate the Season: Surviving Valentine’s Day Alone

As a teenager, there are several of us, like myself, who don’t have a boyfriend, whether we choose to or not.  Sometimes, we can be quite hard on ourselves when we compare ourselves to those who do have a date. But at this age, who needs a date? Honestly, it’s a waste of time! Below, I’ve listed some of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day Alone

  1. Invite a Friend Over

Why not spend time with someone you love…just not someone you see as a boyfriend/girlfriend. I find it comforting to relate to one who doesn’t have a date either…and discuss your thoughts and emotions about the matter of Valentines Day.   

     2.Remind Yourself You’re Still Young

After all, you’re (most likely) still just a teenager! You have you’re entire lifetime to cherish Valentine’s Day with friends before you have to worry about quys!
3. Dress to Impress

When all else fails, wear a cute skirt, or curl your hair for Valentine’s Day! I find that dressing up slightly more special than usual always boosts confidence and reminds yourself how smart, beautiful, and attractive you really are! (not that you aren’t beautiful every day!)

4. Give Something to a Friend

I always feels so good with myself when I give stuff to others…if you don’t have a significant other to purchase gifts for…get stuff for your friends! Whether it’s making cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, or cards, it’s very important that you get into the Valentine’s Day spirit!

5. Just Ask 

If you really had your heart set on a special someone asking you out this Feburary, just do it yourself! What if they’re waiting for you too? What if they were too scared? It’s worth a shot, isn’t it? Jennxpenn once quoted, “If it makes you nervous, it’s worth doing.” Why live life knowing you were too cowardly to do what mattered most to you? Even if it doesn’t end well, looking back at it will make you feel so proud with yourself. What’s the worst that can happen?

I hope this helps! I mean, trust me, I know how all of you feel! Sometimes it’s hard to find a solution to these kinds of situations, but no matter what, enjoy your Valentine’s Day! You only get to celebrate so many of them!

Sorry I ran out of time to do Dancing Into a New Week Today!

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

– Victoria Altaria


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