Fresh February: Personal Diet List

As I’m getting older, it’s beginning to get harder to resist cravings and find time to work out. Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of junk food and carbs such as bread. If you’re also having trouble eating healthy, I recommend making a list of the most addictive unhealthy foods that you should restrict yourself from for the month like the one I’ve made for myself below. Feel free to base yours off of mine, or make your own completely. 

Foods I’m completely restricting from my diet (that I eat too much of): 

  1. Cereal
  2. Tortilla
  3. Desserts
  4. Meat unless it is served in my dinner (not in my lunches or breakfast)
  5. Processed Snacks
  6. Butter and other additional goods such as dressings and seasonings

Daily breakfast can consist of any of the following ingredients only:

– yogurt   -fruit   -toast (no toppings)

Daily lunch can consist of any of the following ingredients only: 

– yogurt   -salad   -sandwiches (meatless)  -fruits -veggies

Snacks can consist of any of the following ingredients only: 

-fruit -vegetables 


Whatever is served, yet avoid unhealthy takeout days when your parents don’t feel like cooking. 

Rather than constricting some of the most glorious goods ( meat and dairy) entirely, I’ve made a list of foods I cannot eat only for this month. If you hope to start a new, fresh start with me, make a list of foods you’re addicted to. Hopefully, soon I’ll post tips to stop yourself from these eating these foods, but the easiest way to begin a healthy diet is by setting goals for yourself. What goals will you be making for yourself this season? Let me know in the comment section below!

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

            -Victoria Altaria



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