Fresh February: The Textured Double Braid

Another day, another chic heatless hairstyle I was dying to try throughout my process of growing out my hair! This basic, simple spin-off of a basic braid is a perfect hairstyle for those lazy mornings you just don’t have enough energy to complete a complex braid. Follow the simple procedure below to complete this adorable textured double braid!

  1. Separate Your Hair Into Two: Upper and lower part of your hair, as shown in the image below:1
  2. Use the bottom half to make a three-strand braid:
  3. Do the same to the second section:Image result for Textured double braid
  4. Pull apart the braid slightly to give it a thicker, more natural effect:Image result for Textured double braid

What do you think of this easy, but beautiful hairstyle? Will you be trying it out for Fresh Febraury? Let me know in the comments section below:

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

            -Victoria Altaria

-Pictures and Inspiration from


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