The Best Models/Celebrities to Take Inspiration From

Personally, I don’t know what I would do without inspiration. When I started to find an interest in beauty, taking tips from images from various models was the easiest way to find the exact style I was looking for. In recognition of my favorite celebrity’s birthday, I have listed the various models you might find helpful to take inspiration from depending on your hair and skin color

1. Anne Hathaway


Being a porcelain brunette myself, Anne Hathaway and I could nearly be twins! Girls with brown or black hair and fair skin might find her character looks in her various leads perfect opportunities to find new hairstyles or fashion interests!

2. Kat Graham


For those of you with darker skin and dark hair, Kat Graham from one of my favorite series, The Vampire Diaries, is a beautiful model to take skin care and makeup tips from!

3. Candace King (Candace Accola)


If you have platinum blond hair, Candace King, from The Vampire Diaries, is a perfect inspiration for outfits, hairstyles, fitness, and makeup tips as well!

4. Victoria Justice

Unfortunately, I’ve taken inspiration from mostly brunettes (being one myself). Therefore, most models I’m familiar with don’t fit everyone’s needs. Victoria Justice might not be as know for her beauty than Anne Hathaway, but she is still an outstandingly beautiful woman with lots of concepts. When you’re looking for a playful, teenage look, Victoria is the perfect inspirational model to go to!


5. Loren Beech (Loren Grey)

Musically star Loren Grey may not be a model or an actress, but she surely is famous! She provides helpful hair and makeup tips for teenagers looking for inspiration. Not to mention, she is quite easy to relate to due to her convenience in age!


6. Lauren Conrad


Last, but definitely not least, the hills star, blogger, and fashion designer, Lauren Conrad is the ultimate internationalist. I have dedicated this post to the most outstanding woman I can think of.( Happy late birthday Lauren!) From makeup, hair, clothing, and general tips overall, Lauren Conrad has been the base of all of my teenage knowledge! I am so thankful I discovered her books just over a year ago! I don’t know what I’d do without her help! Her books Beauty, Style, Celebrate, and LA Candy are such resourceful foundations for beauty and lifestyle inspiration. Her blog,, is a wonderful source for additional advice with daily tips and advice! Overall, you must at least consider looking into Lauren Conrad.

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

-Victoria Altaria

                     Happy Bithday, Lauren! XOXO


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