The Biggest Mistakes I Made in Middle School

When I began exploring teenage lifestyle, I starting exploring my different opportunities as a slightly more independent woman. In this case, I made several beauty and lifestyle mistakes that made my life harder in the wrong one. My goal is to inform you of these mistakes so that you don’t make them yourself in the future…

Using Black Paint as Mascara

Before my mom allowed me to begin wearing makeup, I would find various alternatives to wearing makeup.At first, paint worked quite well to allow my lashes to lusciously curl up above my eyes. However, after a few months, my eyelashes were consistently breaking and loosing their thickness. Also, on days when i was less careful, I would get the paint in my eyes. This was incredibly painful. For days after the incident my eyes would water, and it would be nearly impossible to see through that eye. Luckily, my mom found out and stopped me from putting on more when she found out.

Putting on Concealer Without a Mirror

I begged my mom to allow me to wear mascara months before she finally allowed me to share her concealer with her when I got breakouts. In my early teen years, I didn’t get many severe breakouts, but I found it necessary to cover my entire face in it every day. Concealers have a different purpose than foundation. Concealer has a yellow tint to it, and it is definitely not designed to be all over your skin. Putting it on in the car when I ran out of time certainly didn’t do me any more good. I would attend classes with hideous yellow blotches along my face.

Putting Heat in My Hair Twice a Day

When I began styling my hair, it took me over a year to learn how to properly straighten and curl it. If I had one slightly uneven curl, I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to style it again for after school activities. When my hairstylist had to cut off three inches due to unhealthiness, I had not choice but to learn ways to curl my hair properly, and to get it to last for days.

Putting Oil on My Face as a Moisturizer Every Day

Because I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, my goal was to make my skin flawlessly clear. I rarely had pimples on my skin, and when I did, they were hardly noticeable. I used various natural ingredients to make my skin glow. I had read somewhere that olive oil made your skin glow more. I lathered my face in oil every night before i rested from the rough world I was living in. Oil is what causes teens and adults get more breakouts. Our body alone already receives oil that causes acne. Adding more oil to my skin simply made it worse. I had an uncontrollable amount of acne on my skin just before school began. Fortunately, I received the gift of makeup just in time…

Depending on Love

I had seen so wrapped up in the fantasy romance I had seen in so many various movies. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a strong supporter in true love, but I was so focused on finding my true love at a young age that I forgot to enjoy my childhood experience by pursuing hobbies, hanging out with friends, and doing well in school. I l  have lost so many opportunities by focusing on romance. Especially in middle school, dating and falling in love with people is certainly not worth destroying your life. However, having a thing for someone now and then could never do any harm. Simply don’t go over the top. Don’t forget your life outside of romance.

What mistakes have you made so far? How have the affected you? In the long run, did they positively affect where you are now? The mistakes I made certainly made where I stand mow much easier.

With deep love and passion in each word I write,

-Victoria Altaria


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