My Favorite Chic iPhone Case Themes

We’re only twenty-eight days into 2017, so it’s no too late to invest in new accessories to express yourself at school. Why not purchase a new case to decorate your phone with one of your new favorite trends this year?



Although not all teenagers drink coffee on a daily basis, coffee doodles and designs are so adorable on accessories such as iPhone cases. It’s simplicity and warm colors look outstanding with any of the metallic iPhone case colors. This may not be the perfect selection all year round, but I know I’ll be investing in one of these cases to get into the fall vibe when it arrives again!


Dance First, Think Later

Knowing me, I will almost always find a way to include dance in each and every blog I post. However, not all of my readers are dancers, are there? I may have chosen to include outstanding dance cases in this post, but there are cases involving almost any sport on Pinterest!


Don’t be a Prick

Growing up in the desert, finding a way to make any design like cacti look chic is revealing! Even if you don’t live in a desert environment, cacti are such adorable designs to include on anything from paintings to cases! The vibrant shades of green with the adorable buds sprouting from the edges is such a beautiful design to decorate your phone with!


Landscape Skyline

   The black and white simplicity of these landscapes upon the rose gold color is looks outstanding! If you don’t prefer expressing your interests on your phone, these basic cases are a wonderful investment that doesn’t describe too much about your personality. After all, who doesn’t love gazing a simple piece of part of God’s Masterpiece?



   iPhones are always a shiny, metallic shade of gold, silver, or rose gold. Why not add more gold to your case with these shiny designs? The bright color included on the case is quite appealing to the eye, but not to an incredibly bright extent. The texture also expresses an artistic and creative personality, perhaps, or simply just an outstanding taste in design.


Floral Prints

   In my opinion, any girl at any age can use flowers as a beautiful design. Flowers are used to decorate clothing, walls, and various accessories. Therefore, it’s not very surprising that Casetify selcted floral prints to design these clear chic iphone cases. The prints include lots of vibrat unique colors, but the theme overall doesn’t describe to much about a particular person’s personality. Anyone can invest in florals, am I right?



   Almost every human in exsistance has a love for dogs. Whether you have one of your own, or just enjoy being in their prescense by occasion, dogs are so much fun to be around! The cases above include various dog species. Therefore, you can select you preference by color, size, and how one cooralates to a dog in your life. If I had one of these cases, I would love having the comfort of staring at the black dog throughout the school day to remind me of my dog that is awaiting my comfort once I get home.



   As we get older, it begins to get harder to remain in shape. We have to learn to adjust to a better diet, and daily workout routines. What better wat to motivate yourself then glaring at one of these cases all day. However, the lower left cases is a little too much detail for my prefernce, but the other cases are convienient ways to motivate yourself this year.

   In conclusion, there are so many cases to dress your phone with, but the ones above are only a few that caught my attention on Pinterest. In the future, you may find so many other cases that catch your eye personally. Afterall, noone’s preferences fit my exacly.

 With deep love and passion in each word I write,

                                                                    – Victoria Alraria


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