In the Eyes of an Adolescent

As apart of my advice to other adolescents, I have decided to write a series of posts about a story of a teenager going through difficulties that I or people in my environment have been through. I have not quite finished the first chapter yet, but here is a sneak peek to my exciting new…

The Biggest Mistakes I Made in Middle School

When I began exploring teenage lifestyle, I starting exploring my different opportunities as a slightly more independent woman. In this case, I made several beauty and lifestyle mistakes that made my life harder in the wrong one. My goal is to inform you of these mistakes so that you don’t make them

Most Inspirational Quotes for Teenagers

Through the good and bad situations we go through as teenagers, there is always a quote that will lift up our hearts and allow us to keep thriving. Some lift us up when we need the comfort, while others just allow us to recognize that we’re not alone. Whether you’re experiencing romantic, beauty, career, or…

My Favorite Chic iPhone Case Themes

We’re only twenty-eight days into 2017, so it’s no too late to invest in new accessories to express yourself at school. Why not purchase a new case to decorate your phone with one of your new favorite trends this year?


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